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Stay Informed Before You Buy English Bulldog

A majority of individuals wish to be a dog owner. However, intentions of owning a dog vary from one person to the other. There are those like dogs for security purposes, while others want to have an adorable pet around them that can offer them company when loneliness strikes. Other people keep dogs merely because they grew around them, and they have thoughts that it is cool to have these companions around.

If you have plans to purchase a dog, your first step is to determine the breed you want to own. Most people go for English bulldogs. Do you know why? Besides being perfect protectors to the family, they are easy to train and respond well to it. However, there is no one species for these dogs. English bulldogs come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and of course, sex. That means you have to take these specific aspects into accounts when buying an English bulldog. To help you determine which English bulldog you should purchase, check the below-detailed factors.

English bulldogs differ in body type. You will come across many shapes of these on sale. Some will have shorter legs, and because of this, they tend to be too low on the ground. Others have skinnier legs than others. That’s not all you will spot some with huge heads while others are the opposite. Thus, do not be confused and think like you would have come across a standard physically looking breed. It is up to you to determine the body and shape you want for your English bulldog. A little bit of study will help you establish the looks you would want for your dog.

Another difference in the English bulldogs is the weight and size of their body. You need to decide if you want a small or big looking dog. Do not overlook the weight. Make sure you ask before you purchase the dog. This breed is not like other breeds; it is known for its broad weight range. A better way to get a perfect size for your English bulldog is by having a look at the breeding parents. That will also give you a clue of the personality traits to expect from the dog you buy. A secret to maintaining your dog in the right body size and heaviness is by observing its nutrition well and blending this with proper exercising routine.

Another vital decision required of you before you won an English bulldog is a color and spots. This should be made before you close the deal with the breeder. If you want your dog to be entirely white, brown, grey, or with tan, you should be clear on this. However, some people get challenged in picking a dog based on its shade. It is also advisable that you combine your color selection with other essential features.

Are you looking for a female or male English bulldog? There is a misconception that female dogs are easier to coach. This is a misplaced concept, pick a gender based on your preferences.

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