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McAfee Install

McAfee Install – Just like most antivirus, McAfee has also quit sending CDs for its software installation. Now, you will get a 25 digit alphanumeric key to be used to install McAfee on your device. To install McAfee software you are required to go to a link provided by McAfee and follow the below given step by step instructions.

McAfee Install – McAfee Installation Steps:-

Step 1: Find Your Product Key

Product key of McAfee is in a format of 25 digit alphanumeric keys. The location of your product key will be dependent on the location from where you purchased that your product. Now, once you get your product key handy you are required to follow the next step given below.

Step 2: Go to

  • In this step, you are required to go to, Note: the given link will be different if you have received McAfee through partner channel such as dell. The process will be exactly the same.
  • In this step, you are required to make sure that you don’t type it in the google search box which will lead you to the search results. Now open the link on another tab.
  • After assuming that you have clicked the link above the page must have opened in another tab. The page would look at something as shown above. Once you are sure you are on the right page, come back to this article to follow the next steps.
McAfee Install
McAfee Install

Step 3: Enter your McAfee Product Key

  • Now, you are required to enter your 25 digit product key in the box shown above.
  • Now once you enter your 25 digit McAfee product key, click on submit.

Step 3: Login Or Create a McAfee Account

  • When you click on the submit button you will get a page ( as shown above ) where you need to enter your email address. After the above step, you are required to enter your email address the system will automatically check if you have an existing account with McAfee or not.
  • If you are an existing user and have an account associated with McAfee you need to enter your McAfee account password. If you have forgotten the password you can also click on (Forgot your Password ?) link to recover it.
  • Well, If your email is not associated with a McAfee account you will be presented with a page where you need to create one.
  • Type in the password and then re-enter your password. Once you are done Click on I AGREE.

Step 4: Activate McAfee Auto Renewal

  • Once you click on I Agree you will get prompt of an auto-renewal. Auto-renewal prompt may appear if you are a new customer to McAfee or auto-renewal is disabled ( if you do not get this prompt skip to the next step )
  • Now you need to enter Your Billing Infomation to Activate Mcafee Auto Renewal
  • After that enter your billing information and then click on Save.

Step 5: Download McAfee Installer

  • Now that you have entered all the information required to set up your McAfee account its time to download the McAfee installer.
  • Nexin this step, you have to click on Install on This PC to download the McAfee installer
  • After the above step, agree to Mcafee Terms & Conditions
  • Please note that you have to agree to terms and conditions before you could download the McAfee installer.
  • Now, check the box that says ” I have read and accepted the McAfee License Agreement.” and scroll down.
  • To complete this process click On Download to download the Mcafee installer file.

Step 6: Install McAfee

  • When you click on the button of download on a .exe usually named as Mcafee_Installer.exe file will be downloaded on your computer. Now depending on the browser, you can access that file through the downloads folder.
  • In google chrome, you can find the file at the bottom left corner of the screen as in the image above.
  • Now you are required to click on the exe file to run it.

Step 7: Follow On-Screen Instructions

  • After Clicking on exe file you will get a windows user account control prompt. Select option yes.
  • Now, the above step will direct on McAfee installer welcome screen after that all you have to do is click on Install and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Let’s go through all the screens step by step.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen. Click on next couple of times.

Step 8: McAfee Installed and Activated

If you are on the page as shown above that means you have followed all the steps correctly and your McAfee is successfully installed and activated.

Congratulations, Your McAfee is now installed and activated.

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