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Advantages of a Gastric Balloons

From being unable to fit in movie or airline seats to having problems walking or exercising, being overweight comes with a lot of challenges that can make your life impossible. When you realize the conventional weight-loss strategies like exercise and watching your diet does not work, it is time to try something new like a gastric balloon. A gastric balloon helps in losing weight by leaving less room in your stomach making feel full sooner and longer, and it is beneficial in several ways. This weight loss strategy is beneficial in the following ways.

You should choose a gastric balloon because the procedure is less invasive than major surgery such as gastric bypass; only sedation is required with no blood loss or incision, meaning you can go home the same day and recovery is quick too. Perhaps the best thing about a gastric balloon for weight loss is that it does not stay in your stomach forever. Since this procedure does not involve much of a process, it is relatively cheap and will help you save thousands of dollars while enjoying its benefits without any doctor follow-ups required.

If you have a lower BMI and less total weight, you might not be cleared for gastric bypass surgery, however, gastric balloon procedures can often be done on patients regardless of these criteria provided they want to lose weight. Perhaps the main reason to choose gastric balloons as a weight loss strategy is their effectiveness; depending on the starting weight you can lose as much as fifty pounds within six months, and the loss continues even after it has been removed.

Insertion of a gastric balloon has fewer side effects, and complications are rare, although you may have some pain and nausea for a day or two after it has been inserted, they usually resolve on their own. You may use the gastric balloon for six months as the first step in your weight-loss strategy; due to the effectiveness of this procedure, you can use it for dramatic weight loss if you have a special occasion like a wedding coming up.

Good for extreme obesity or for patients who cannot undergo surgery due to health conditions because it can alleviate some obesity health conditions like diabetes to make future surgery easier and safer for you. Being a non-invasive procedure, choosing to have a gastric balloon inserted in your stomach helps you avoid the many side effects of surgery, including an extended period on the sidelines. Discussed above are the advantages associated with using a gastric balloon.

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