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McAfee check for updates not working

McAfee check updates not working – While checking for the latest updates on the Windows or Mac computer, you may face the error “McAfee check for updates not working”. The error can occur due to the missing or corrupted file from the downloaded package of the update. Enabled user Access protection can also give you the error while checking for the updates. Here we are going to discuss the cause of the issue and the resolution of the error “McAfee check for updates not working”.

McAfee check updates not working

McAfee check updates not working

Methods to fix Error – McAfee check for updates not working:

Method 1 – Disable Access Protection and update McAfee:

  • First, you need to open the McAfee by double-clicking on the McAfee icon, which is on the desktop.
  • Now click on the Navigation in the top right corner of the dashboard or click on the cog.
  • Select General Settings and Alerts and then click Access Protection.
  • Now uncheck the checkbox in front of the User Access Protection then click Apply
  • Close the McAfee dashboard and then right click on the McAfee icon.
  • Click check for updates and then wait until the update is finished.
  • Now you need to enable the Access protection again, in order to enable open McAfee dashboard.
  • Click General Settings and Alerts, select Access Protection and then tick the checkbox in front of User Access protection.
  • Click Apply and then restart your system.
  • Now check for the error, if the error still persists then contact McAfee Support for the help.

Method 2 – Try to run McAfee Virtual Technician tool:

  • In order to download the McAfee Virtual Technician tool, open a web browser which you commonly used.
  • Type at the top of the address bar of the browser and then press enter.
  • Now click on the Troubleshoot and Repair option and then click Download and Run.
  • Open the downloads folder and then double click on the mvt.exe to run the installation setup.
  • Click Yes to allow permission for the program to make changes to the system and then follow the instruction.
  • Now, wait until the MVT install and update and then start the scan of your system.
  • Click Autofix and follow the instructions to clear the issue, if found any.
  • If MVT does not found any issue then restart the system and then retry installing the update.
  • You need to contact McAfee Support if MVT doesn’t find any issue during the scan.

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You can try following the either of the method given above, in order to resolve the error McAfee check for updates not working. If you are still facing the issue then feel free to visit us at for the further help.

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