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Beware Gamers-Read this to avoid getting a Fake Fortnite Android app

Fake Fornite android app Pop Up Online – Fortnite is the game which will run down in the history and almost set the next level competition for the games like Pokemon Go. Each day, millions of users are playing Fortnite and the record of the users are immense. Many online hackers are working to gather the opportunity and creating the fake Fortnite android app. However, this requires an access to the phone which enables to steal the data and all the personal information. Popularity towards this game is huge as a result, chance to the cybercriminals to grab the opportunity and fool people for the fake version.

Fake Fornite android app Pop Up Online

Fake Fornite android app Pop Up Online

This year, Fortnite arrive in the IOS devices in the early months but, the Android version of this game is still not completed yet. On the other hand, news regarding this game’s releasing date for the android version flashed much.

Unfortunately, some hackers are taking a huge benefit from the popularity of this game. In addition, they are making immense efforts to make users download the software which is the beta version for the free survival play. Fake versions of this game are becoming challenging for people to protect their data and personal information. For detailed information, connect at

Virus installation

Videos on youtube arrived about how to play Fortnite on android. The process of the video begun by asking the users to download certain software to unlock the platform to play the game smoothly. However, The software was to target the personal data and steal all the information. Misuse of the information is not issues faced by people. This is increasing but, people have to act smart and never to permit any application to access contacts, photos, and calls.

Get Away From Scammers

The world is becoming digital and the interest in applications and games have increased the in large number. There are several games takes place and people get crazy to play those games and the users hit the millions in number. Games like PokemonGo, Fortnite, PUBG, and many more gave an addiction to the users. In addition, train, buses, classes, home, at work, everywhere there are people found playing games. It is a good way to divert the mind from daily problems and relax but, only when required. The access of popularity towards games resulted in major injuries to people from the past few years.

This opened the gates for hackers to steal your information by creating fake links to run the game, Therefore, it is a serious issue. Any unknown link where downloading, accessing, or filing information should be avoided to protect the personal data. More importantly, avoid fake Fortnite android app.

How to Avoid getting Trapped in Fake Links and Apps

  • Firstly, download from the official site or from the Apps store
  • Secondly, read the App description carefully.
  • Stick to the official app store to avoid obstacles.
  • Read the reviews. Don’t trust few but, read all to figure out the negative ones.
  • Give a brief check to the website.
  • Also, check the number of downloads.
  • Most importantly, don’t fall for the all videos on the youtube.
  • Avoid downloading the extra software which requires to run any app.
  • Don’t give access to contacts, calls, images or videos to any application.

Above all, are the basic ways by which you can protect your data from any theft. For the detailed information and better understanding, connect at

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