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DualAction Pile Driver: What You Need To Know

If you are in the construction industry, it is a must that you invest in several tools. One such tool is the pile driver, which makes the work of driving piles into the soil. Therefore, this gives enough support to the foundation and structures. The next time you want to purchase this device, get the top-rated ones. The DualAction Pile Driver is designed for mounting on cranes, either to be used during water or land operation.

If you want to start that construction today and set a strong foundation, you must get the right tools. With the pile driver, a contractor guarantees a client that the set building standards get followed. When buying this device, you must get some elements right.

For example, there are several pile drivers advertised for sale. Each manufacturer will praise the tool as among the best. However, anyone on the shipping spree needs to think of the manufacturer who offers quality machines. It is thus vital that you choose one that has been in the market for longer periods, designing strong and usable pile drivers. Regarding this, get it from a company that has a reputation for manufacturing top devices. You can try the Colton 890 DualAction Pile Drivers.

The features

Though you can purchase any dual driver, it is ideal you try the Colton 890 brand. It comes with several specifications that make it an ideal tool for contractors.

First, it comes with eight strokes. Besides, when being used, it gives 40-45 strokes every minute, thus making your job easier and faster.

When it comes to size, it measures 4′ 6″ in height. Therefore, it gives a contractor enough sizing on the site. An additional feature for this pile driver is the eight at 1000 pounds.

Because of the connections needed and the need to keep them safe, the Horses are UV protected, making it last longer.

At the site, the tool on use will drive up to 12 diameters in plastic, wood, steel, and concrete piling.

An extra feature is the air hose fitting that is D,O,T. Certified.

It does not require liquid for a drive. It is air driven with 95 to 100 PSI. It also requires only 24 to 30 CFM.

It can fit over the top of the pilings.

Why every contractor need this tool

For anyone having a construction project, getting the DualAction Pile Driver remains an ideal investment.

Today, people who have fitted this tool on the crane and used it at any construction project will save money and reduce the time needed to drive the piling.

Though automatic, there must be someone operating the device. To make things easier, it has handles set on both sides. These handles make it easy for the technician to guide it at the site when piling.

You don’t have to rock the barge in to run this device on the piling. It makes the assistants work easier.

When you go for the Colton 890 DualAction Pile Driver, you get a machine that is easy to use. It thus makes the piling work efficient and reaches the depth you want.

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