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The Importance of Distributor Companies in the Fast Moving Goods Supply Chain

Product wholesale distribution, as an aspect of the supply chain, is an important cog in the wheel of any manufacturing process and an entire line of direct and indirect dependencies. Distributors stand between the manufacturer and the retailer. Without this link, manufacturing would soon grow to a halt while the final consumer would effectively be cut out due to unavailable products. It is for these reasons that distributors exist. Manufacturers heavily rely on product distributors to remain competitive; therefore any slack in the chain will result in a demand vacuum that competitors are all too willing to effectively fill up. Global distributors are quite important in that they own the ability to make brands global.

A special group of distributorship is one that deals with petty edibles and other products for the youth. These include wholesale snacks and candies, drinks and beverages, cold and frozen edibles, tobacco products, and youth merchandise that include personal care items and many others. Of note is that these products have a relatively long shelf life and can therefore be moved over quite long distances globally for sale to retailing outlets. Established distributorships, therefore, source many different brands, some competing, directly from manufacturers, and are able to move huge consignments to many customers at any one time.

With mid-term expiry goods such as candies, chips, and snacks to distribute it must take a lot of pertinent logistics to keep the chain supply running efficiently. Adding to this is the fact that a majority of the products are permanently in high demand for consumption by the youthful consumers, meaning that feedback channels must be always active and reaction to early warnings of depleting regional stocks for anyone brand must be well-reported and addressed fast enough. Depending on the extent of distributorship the complexity can be anything from mild to deep but sustained well enough to keep the brands permanently visible.

Distributor companies as private entities exist for their own profit motives, from this fact they do not have any brand loyalty. It remains upon manufacturers to push their individual products in the market for maximized penetration against competitors. Distributors will therefore only react to the market and supply products demanded by retailers. Unsupported products will therefore naturally drop off. Products that target the youth, such as general merchandise, personal care products, cigarettes, and tobacco are excellent for retail outlets; they are always looking forward to opening new lucrative business areas to fulfill their individual visions.

As a retailer, it is possible that you join in the chain of supply for these youth-oriented products to boost your profitability. The opportunities are always available and the distributors are ever inviting new entrants as they seek to expand their realms. Going online to view their catalogs should therefore be a good first move in isolating desirable products from the very many that are presented. In any case, you can then place your order online as advised and wait for your shipment to arrive within the scheduled time.

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